Wedding Photo Booth


A Photo Booth is a great way to complement the rest of the photography on your wedding day. After all the beautiful photos capturing and telling your wedding story, a Photo Booth adds some slightly differnt photographs, it's also huge fun!


The Mark Smith Photography Photo Booth isn't your normal small automated box, it isn't limited by walls so bigger groups are done with ease. Added to this, the photos are taken by Mark so you get the same skill and quality as you've had all day, Mark will encourage the guests to really let their hair down and get the most out of this great experience.


On top of your wedding photos, you will get the Photo Booth photos in your DVD pack, not only that, you will also get a fantastic large collage print made up from photos you select.


Photo Booth collage print example


Extra information:

Ideal space requirement 12′ x 12′ (3.6m x 3.6m), if you don't have this much room please get in touch to discuss options.

I'm not able to offer onsite printing, photos are included in the Bride and Groom's DVD package and secure online gallery for family/guests to view and order.

Props are not included, if you would like to bring some along you are more than welcome.

Coverage is about two hours, from experience this gives plenty of time for everyone to get the photos they want.